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Helping the business of education run smarter

Education Planners is an educational consulting firm helping school districts across the Southeast handle organizational challenges and operate more efficiently.

Founded by James Wilson, nationally acknowledged education leader and innovator of instructional technology as Superintendent of the Fulton and Cobb County school systems in Georgia, Education Planners has solutions for the wide range of issues that impact all school systems.

Our Reach

Over 1,000,000+ Students
In 50+ School Systems
Across 6 States

In addition, we’ve helped many thousands of administrators, teachers, classified staff, parents, community leaders, and other stakeholders.

What We Do

Education Planners, LLC serves school districts in all facets of operations including:


  • Bond and Tax Referendum Preparation (Development of SPLOST Program)
  • Facility Management & Facility Plan Development
  • Demographic & Enrollment Studies
  • Classroom Utilization Studies
  • Plant Services and Facility Assessment
  • School Construction Oversight and Project Development

HR and Operations

  • Human Resources Services (pdf)
  • Personnel Department Management and Organizational Structure
  • Personnel Reviews, Evaluations, and Investigations
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness Reviews
  • Personnel Department Management and Organizational Structure
  • Personnel Reviews, Evaluations, and Investigations


  • Financial Evaluation and Management, including Accounting, Reporting, and Audits
  • Communications/Public Relations audits
  • Education Planners provides additional financial accountability using Targeted Process Solutions

Education Planners has worked with school systems of all sizes to help facilitate and improve Facilities Planning, Operations & Finance, and Coaching and Training. The vast range of projects Education Planners has conducted for school systems in Georgia and across the Southeast include: enrollment studies; SPLOST program development and oversight; efficiency & effectiveness financial reviews; HR investigations & department management; and required trainings for administrators, teachers and school board members; as well as many, many others.

Our experts know the wide range of challenges your school district faces, and we know the most effective approaches to achieve successful outcomes that produce the highest level of stakeholder satisfaction.

Our knowledge and experience can help your staff function at its best.

Our Work

Educational Planners is proud to partner with school systems in Georgia and all over the country to help them overcome their specific challenges. Here are just a few examples of how we have helped school systems and universities:

What Our Clients Say

The Team

The Education Planners team represents more than 200 years of combined professional experience in educational leadership. Since every school system’s challenges are different, Education Planners selects a specialized team of professionals based on an institution’s unique needs.

Whatever the challenge, the Education Planners team has been there before and has the experience to know what works - and the ability to identify and implement an appropriate solution.

James Wilson Founder, CEO

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